3 IoT Developments We’re Excited About in 2021

Following an unprecedented year in just about every way imaginable, 2021 has brought with it a great amount of potential for innovation and problem-solving. At the forefront of this conversation, especially in our realm, is the world of possibilities moving forward for IoT. More than ever before, the Internet of Things has emerged as a prominent player in the way we live, work and do business. Beyond the consumer sector, a growing number of businesses are realizing the necessity of adapting to digital transformation.

An equal number of key developments are being engineered to meet the needs of the moment – and with them, Radianse has been hard at work providing modern solutions for today’s industries. Here are three of the IoT advancements we’re most excited to see unfold in 2021.


A More Connected Health Care Experience

Telehealth became part of the new normal in 2020, as in-person visits were reduced to only the most urgent of needs. As a result, this year, we’re seeing a greater transition to the safety and convenience of distant monitoring via digital access. Navigation aids are helping to direct patients. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology delivers a continuous stream of real-time health data. Automated at-home medication dispensers upload information into the cloud, alerting doctors when patients don’t take their medicine. The increased connectivity is leading to better integrated care for patients, and it’s only accelerating more each day.


The Rise of Indoor Location Data and Inventory Tracking

For any industry, IoT has the ability to zero in on the location and movement of any object, big or small. With the pandemic influencing the expansion of services like curbside pickup and delivery, the efficiency and operational management offered by real-time location services is invaluable. It can help staff find products and fulfill transactions with greater speed and accuracy – or keep track of expensive equipment, preventing it from going missing. Given the challenges facing current businesses, it’s a key part of establishing an optimized, seamless workflow.


A Surge in Use Cases for More Industries

The Internet of Medical Things, otherwise known as IoMT, has been gaining traction for several years. In fact, Radianse has helped several medical systems improve efficiencies and yield nearly-immediate ROI. That said, the pandemic certainly made the significance of health care apps even more prominent, paving the way for streamlined telemedicine efforts and better health monitoring from home. Because of this, others are beginning to see the potential for IoT advancements, as well. From retail to logistics to human resources, countless industries are exploring the possibilities brought about by real-time analytics, behavior assessments and patterns. These insights could turn into major wins for companies – especially those bold enough to pioneer the shift in their respective industries. If you count yourselves among them, we’d recommend a complimentary strategy session with the Radianse team to bring your digital vision to life.

Without a doubt, it’s an exciting time to be involved in the IoT space, whether you’re just breaking ground or you’ve been reaping its benefits for years. Many more solution-oriented developments are bound to emerge throughout the year, especially with the growth of 5G and cloud computing. If you’re ready to see how IoT can fuel your business’ growth and profits, our industry-recognized Radianse team is happy to help you find the right products and services for your needs. Visit our Contact page to get started or follow us on social media to be among the first to know about our latest offerings.