One Year Later: 3 Ways Radianse IoT Has Helped Businesses Get Back to Work Safely

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses of every size and specialty adopted unique innovations and enhanced services to adjust to the new normal. As statewide mandates called for stringent compliance standards, requirements and precautions, business owners sought out answers to meet a mounting list of challenges. Radianse is proud to have been part of the solution, providing a number of IoT applications that helped businesses reopen safely, maintain thorough sanitization efforts and better manage their resources.


Radianse introduced its new Task-Scheduling App software

In June 2020, we launched the Radianse Task-Scheduling App: a customized solution that helped fitness centers stay aware and accountable to increased sanitization and cleaning efforts. By creating software that connected our clients’ physical tasks to a streamlined digital platform, gyms were able to spend more time keeping their facilities safe for guests and less time figuring out the logistics of heightened cleaning schedules. Various functionalities, including the ability to check items off in real-time and delegate assignments to specific groups, added to its benefits. The app was among the first of its kind in the IoT space to launch directly in response to the global pandemic – an innovation that was noticed by an audience of more than 106 million across major and niche outlets including Yahoo, BioSpace, AIThority, and other industry-leading publications.


We helped gyms prevent crowding and provide safer amenity booking

In addition to making it easier for teams to keep their facilities in compliance, we provided a solution aimed at making amenity booking safer and more convenient for gym guests, too. Our contactless amenity booking software virtually eliminated the need for traditional sign-up sheets – an area that could easily become a social distancing violation. To avoid any safety pitfalls, we helped clients take this service digital, offering extra touches like nearby locations and drive times with the use of geo-tracking functionalities. Users were even able to sign any amenity-related waivers ahead of time to fast-track their experience. In this way, not only did we create software that would be relevant during the pandemic – we built an all-around better solution that would bring our clients long-lasting value.


Our solutions helped hospitals track inventory

As hospitals nationwide felt the rising pressure of strained systems from patient surges, important resources and equipment remained in short supply. Radianse’s equipment tracking IoT helped health care facilities identify the location and numbers of their inventory at all times, even offering the ability to deploy alerts for shortages. Through our connectivity options, we gave confidence to health care heroes and saved them time they’d otherwise spend tracking down the tools they need. With a tech-based solution, we were also able to help increase safety among our medical clients’ teams by minimizing unnecessary contact and interactions that could be handled digitally.

As you can see, Radianse has been hard at work supporting businesses however we can – including creating tailored solutions to meet the needs of the moment. We recognize that, for months on end, heading back to work has required an unprecedented amount of flexibility for many industries, including the resilience to advance, retreat and adapt as necessary. Through it all, we’ve strived to support small, medium and large businesses with modern IoT solutions specifically designed, launched and/or re-engineered in response to the challenges brought about by COVID-19. And although it’s been a year since the start of the pandemic, many companies still find themselves working to build resilience as they navigate the uncertainty of an entirely new landscape. If yours is one of them, we’d love to see how Radianse’s innovations can help. Reach out to our friendly experts for a free demo or more information today.