5 Coronavirus Preventive Resources for Reopening Your Gym

As more and more states get the green light for gyms to reopen, gym owners nationwide are wondering how to balance opening their doors with preventing a Coronavirus outbreak. Gym owners, like many business owners right now, are struggling with information overload and feeling uncertain about meeting the growing list of compliance standards. Radianse knew there had to be something we could do to help!

So, whether you’re ready to announce your club’s reopening or already open and wondering how to reduce your risk of a COVID-19 incident, we’ve gathered five Coronavirus preventive resources to help you reopen your gym more safely.

 Reference the CDC Guide for Cleaning & Disinfecting

It comes as no surprise that one of the best things a gym can do to help keep their facilities safe is to sanitize thoroughly – but putting together a game plan can leave gym owners feeling overwhelmed. Fortunately, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) have joined forces as part of the Reopening America Initiative to offer a guide to creating a cleaning strategy. From the initial assessment of what needs to be done to maintaining your gym once it’s open for business, these helpful tips are sure to put you on the right track. Bonus: There’s a flow chart to walk you through the disinfection process.

Post Clear Signage Like These from Oregon Health Authority

Since rules can vary between establishments, having signage posted throughout your gym can serve as a friendly reminder of club expectations for members and staff alike. After all, navigating this “new normal” is tricky for most of us! Utilize free resources, like these Oregon Health Authority posters, to make it easier to get the word out. They cover many common scenarios including handwashing, symptoms, social distancing, sign-in and maximum occupancy. All you have to do is download, print and display.

Consider Zoom for Group Classes

Of course, a commitment to social distancing can go a long way in helping to prevent a Coronavirus outbreak in your gym. So, although many gyms are choosing to resume classes with reduced capacity, you might choose to still offer virtual group classes when possible. Using a service like Zoom video conferencing, you can get the best of both worlds: Your members will still get to participate in their favorite workouts, and everyone can enjoy breaking a sweat from a safe distance. You can even use an alternate platform like YouTube to create a digital library of video workouts to keep gym members motivated and engaged with your club.

Radianse Task-scheduling App

Once you’ve reopened your doors to members, the key to keeping the doors open and keeping everyone safe is maintaining thorough cleaning and sanitization standards that meet state compliance guidelines. Radianse can help! Our new Task-scheduling software makes it easy for your staff to stay on top of rigorous cleaning schedules and ensure no area is overlooked.

Get instant access to our pre-built gym schedules, complete with the most common facility zones and pre-loaded cleaning lists for your team to use. For those with specialized layouts or additional needs, you can also create your own completely customizable schedules or add to our built-in options. At the end of each shift, one tap will reset the schedules to promote continuous monitoring. With intuitive capabilities like disinfecting checklists and self-generated reports, gym owners have praised its easy usability and adaptability. Simply connect via your Wi-Fi enabled device and you’re ready to get started.

To learn more about how our newest IoT offering can help minimize the risk of a Coronavirus outbreak for many businesses, including gyms, visit our overview of features for the Radianse Task-scheduling app.

Use a Booking Service Like Radianse Remote Scheduler to Control Capacity

When it comes to slowing and stopping the spread of COVID-19, it’s crucial to prevent crowding at gym hot spots like amenities. Swap amenity sign-up sheets for a touchless alternative with the help of our Radianse Remote Scheduler, an easy-to-use booking service that allows members a contact-free way to reserve time for their favorite amenities. In the span of a few minutes, users can see their closest health clubs, which services are offered for booking, and what time slots are available – all at their fingertips. The software even uses geo-tracking to factor in drive time and built-in waivers for security, so after scheduling, members can arrive at the gym and head straight for the tanning bed, massage chair or whichever service they choose, hassle-free. Keep guest safety to a maximum and frustration to a minimum with this touchless service!

With the help of these key Coronavirus preventive resources, you can reopen your gym with effective safety measures in place and give your members peace of mind. Along with smart hand hygiene, social distancing, and diligent cleaning of surfaces and machines, your efforts can go a long way in helping to keep your staff and members safe.