5 Ways to Provide Better Eldercare During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Eldercare - Man pushing woman in wheelchair

When the Coronavirus pandemic came to light, eldercare facilities faced one of their greatest challenges yet. COVID-19, a disease that research shows the 60+ population is particularly vulnerable to, spread quickly and devastatingly through many nursing homes and other independent living facilities. Plans were immediately launched to improve testing, create anti-outbreak strategies and visitor guidelines, and secure personal protective equipment, but months later, many facilities are still finding themselves asking how to provide safe and effective eldercare during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In response to this growing need, Radianse has turned its efforts to providing advanced technology-driven solutions to many of the Coronavirus’ biggest challenges. And today, we’re sharing a few of the ways that tech and IoT can lend a hand in giving your residents top-quality eldercare – even during the most uncertain times.

1. Monitor Vital Signs with the Help of Wearable Tech

So much health care data including temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and more, is accessible via wearable tech – eliminating the need for unnecessary contact (and lowering the likelihood of a COVID-19 outbreak). Wearable devices can also give patients a heads up when it’s time to take their medicine, or help with other everyday tasks and reminders. In addition to limiting close physical interactions with staff, seniors can benefit from continuous attention to and monitoring of their health care needs.

2. Improve Staff Efficiencies

One of the best ways that senior living facilities have been able to effectively manage care during the pandemic is by working together as a team – and IoT facilitates that process. We can give you access to real-time staff locations, team alert options, automated timecards and more, freeing up crucial time for staff to implement heightened security precautions without sacrificing attentiveness to patients. You can also count of IoT to streamline and automate record keeping, so you can have the confidence of knowing that all of the resident information you need is being logged and accounted for.

3. Make It Easier (and Safer) to Spend Time Together

As the weeks of social distancing have turned into months, the need to spend time with others has grown greater. After all, socialization is an important part of our mental health. Alleviate some of the loneliness that comes from extended isolation and help your residents stay connected in a safe way by getting them set up with video conferencing options or showing them how to join services for their preferred place of worship. When your facilities reopen to having visitors (or if they already have begun), we recommend utilizing touchless technology – like easy-to-use visitor kiosks, digital visitation records and other contactless capabilities.

4. For Routine Care, Encourage Telemedicine

Considering the high-risk nature of the elderly population during the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s best to avoid bringing your residents to doctors’ appointments for routine and preventive services (and in some cases, even certain types of diagnostic care). Instead, opt for the safer alternative: telemedicine visits. By avoiding hospitals, doctors’ offices and clinics where illnesses are present, residents are still able to get many of the services they need via virtual appointments while reducing their risk of contracting COVID-19.

5. Use Location-Monitoring Technology

Now, more than ever, it’s important to protect seniors by keeping track of their movements. To ensure social distancing and other safety efforts are being followed, location-monitoring technology can help staff assess situations by alerting them to any unusual motion patterns. From wandering to open doors to open windows, tracking these environmental and physical factors can quickly alert caregivers to any potential concerns.

If you want to improve your facility’s security and enhance your residence experience through the endless applications of IoT and technology, here are additional ways that Radianse can help. By adopting advanced technologies to assist in your anti-outbreak strategies, you’re implementing life-saving measures that will make an impactful difference in keeping your residents and staff safer.