August 28, 2012 – Radianse Clients Realize Greater Operational Efficiencies in Healthcare

Radianse, the pioneer and leading provider of healthcare Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), today announced that our active-RFID asset location solution continues to gain traction as an instrumental component within healthcare environments, resulting in measurable operational efficiency and improved patient outcomes.  Radianse‘s advanced technology solution is rapidly being adopted in hospital environments that desire to reduce costs, deliver enhanced services and improve the quality of patient care.

RTLS is increasingly gaining acceptance within healthcare and clinical staff members are quickly embracing this new technology solution as it offers a direct positive impact to their job functions.  Healthcare workers are able to operate more efficiently and effectively by having valuable location information at their fingertips via web-based intuitive visibility dashboards.

Compact battery powered radio frequency transmitter tags are attached to high value medical assets and patients, which continually identifies their precise location at all times within the hospital environment.  Location, movement, historical information and device status are continually reported across the network.  The location-based information is automatically available to any clinician through a standard desktop computer, laptop or PDA device.  Detailed historical data analysis can help department heads understand where they might implement important process changes within the environment.

From a clinical user’s perspective, one of the greatest benefits is having complete location visibility of all tagged assets, which was typically not available to them in the past.  Hospitals have thousands of high-value medical assets that are typically in motion throughout the facility.  These assets are often not in the right place at the right time and administrative staff can spend up to 20% of their time searching for equipment.  With RTLS in place, an item’s location is readily identified with just a few key strokes.

We are pleased with the fast rate of RTLS adoption within the healthcare industry“, said Angela Blaisdell, President of Radianse. “Helping our clients achieve a measurable positive impact on improving efficiency within a healthcare setting is one of our strategic goals. We have continually refined our technology solution to meet the unique challenges and specific requirements within healthcare.  The Radianse solution delivers unmatched usability, accuracy and precision that our clients require.”

A few examples of where clients realize efficiencies after implementing RTLS include:

  • Staff time is optimized by decreasing the time spent searching for equipment
  • Increased utilization of current assets by as much as 25%
  • Shorten time equipment is out of service, streamline cleaning and maintenance processes
  • Better use of necessary rental equipment, often resulting in significant cost savings
  • Enhanced patient flow due to tracking wait times, door to doctor times, patient throughput
  • Increased room readiness, mobilize equipment and staff as required

About Radianse
Radianse is an industry leader in delivering Intelligent RTLS Information Solutions for healthcare that actively utilizes real time application data to automatically drive critical business processes.  Our solutions enable customers to achieve desired strategic outcomes, such as enhancing business processes and workflow, reducing operational costs, and providing enhanced revenue generating opportunities.  Based on advanced hardware and software designs, highly accurate active RFID technology and a comprehensive suite of empowering management applications, our innovative and intelligent Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) provide a comprehensive solution that allows businesses to excel.