How IoT Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution Going

We’re well past January 19th – the date that research identifies as the most common day for people to quit their New Year’s resolutions. By the second week of February, a shocking 80% of all resolutioners have dropped their goals, whether big or small. So, if you’re one of the 20% who’s still going strong, we commend you on your dedication! If you’ve slipped a little, no worries. There’s no time like the present to try again. Better yet, we have some approachable ways that IoT can help you stay on track with your New Year’s resolution.



My resolution: to exercise regularly

For those looking to break a sweat on a regular basis, you’re not alone. About half of all resolutioners share this common goal. Our best advice? Start slow. Some activity is better than none, and burnout from overdoing it can discourage you from exercising at all. Here are some ideas to help you stick with it:

Idea 1: Swap your traditional scale for a body analyzer

Using a scale to track your progress can be discouraging if you’re not seeing the numbers drop quickly. That said, exercising has more benefits than weight loss alone. With a smart body analyzer, you can see the bigger picture, from body fat percentage to a lower resting heart rate. By having a well-rounded view of your health, you’ll be more inspired to continue your progress.

Idea 2: Get stepping with a pedometer

Today’s fitness trackers can tell you your pulse, oxygen levels and more. But their most basic function – to simply count your daily steps – is surprisingly encouraging. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself sneaking a few extra minutes into your walk, parking farther at the grocery store, and choosing to take the stairs more often.

Idea 3: Go the distance with a workout tracker

From leaderboards among your friends to real-time maps of your running route, workout trackers continue to grow in popularity, and we see why. There’s something extra motivating about visualizing how far you’ve run (or, for those among us who love a friendly competition, how much farther you’ve run than your friends).


My resolution: to procrastinate less

In today’s world, how easy is it to get sidetracked? There’s always another app to check, another show to binge, another playlist to listen to … you get the idea. Before you know it, it’s the end of the day and your most important to-do items are still unfinished. If this sounds like you, and you’re starting to notice more and more of your distractors getting in the way of your productivity, never fear. There are some great IoT fixes that can help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Idea 1: Set limits with your phone’s screen time function

If you don’t realize how much time all that mindless phone checking amounts to, your phone’s real-time reports on usage can be an eye opener. Give yourself allotted amounts of time per day for certain apps, websites and more to help keep the distractions at bay.

Idea 2: Use a checklist app to prioritize

We get it: seeing hundreds of unread emails (or more) in your inbox can make you want to shut down before you even get started. Make your tasks more manageable with a checklist app, choosing a few to conquer each day. As a bonus, the satisfaction you’ll get from checking things off is worth it.

Idea 3: Cut down on errand distractions

The sneakiest procrastination pitfalls of all are those disguised as productivity, like pausing your work to order laundry detergent. Save time, energy and distraction by simplifying your lifestyle with auto-replenishment technology – a solution that auto-orders household items when they get low.


My Resolution: to get better sleep

For many, the recommended eight hours of sleep a night seems like a lofty goal – but quality sleep is crucial to improving wellness. Poor sleep habits have been shown to weaken your immune system, reduce your attention span and increase anxiety, so it’s understandable why the goal of better sleep is growing in popularity. If this is your resolution, IoT can help you continue to rest up.

Idea 1: Regulate your room temperature

A smart thermostat gives you control over your optimal temperatures for falling asleep, staying asleep and getting out of bed. Sweating or shivering make for rude awakenings, so setting the right environment can go a long way in keeping you sleeping comfortably.

Idea 2: Shut out noise with your smart speaker

It may seem counterproductive to fight noise with more noise, but asking your smart speaker to provide ambient noise can help minimize the disturbances caused by creaking floors, squeaky doors, snoring and more. As a bonus, you can also use it to control your alarm if your phone is out of reach.

Idea 3: Track your sleep without a wearable

It can be awkward or even uncomfortable to get used to sleeping with a tracker strapped to your wrist, but now, there’s an alternative option! A smart sleep tracking mat slips under your mattress and monitors your breathing, movement, heartrate, how many times you get in and out of bed, and even signs of sleep apnea. These details are translated into sleep data to help you understand more about your resting hours.


IoT helps you make – and keep – good habits

This is just the start of how you can use IoT to get on and stay on the right track to winning your New Year’s resolutions. You can also lean into IoT to help with housework, take control of your finances and eat healthier, among countless other resolution uses.

And for those of you with business objectives to reach this year, we’re happy to explore the ways that IoT can help with your goals, too. Reach out to the Radianse team at or 603-994-2200 to get started.