July 13, 2020 – Radianse Intelligent Solutions Helps Optimize Business Processes During World Pandemic

Radianse shows flexibility of its intelligent solutions by helping businesses ease the burden of managing personnel and cleaning schedules amid COVID-19

NEW HAMPSHIRE – July 13, 2020 – Radianse, intelligent solutions and internet of Things (IoT) expert, is proud to announce their task-scheduling and management software that connects the physical and digital environments for businesses of all types. Identifying the need for efficient processes and job tracking, the company developed the Radianse task-scheduling application that allows businesses to streamline, schedule, and monitor all activity surrounding sanitation and cleanliness.

Through a global patent portfolio consisting of 38 patents across the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong, Radianse has developed their platform and software suite to allow customizable tracking and management of assets and data. The Radianse Awareness Suite is accessible by any computer, smartphone, or other web-enabled device to allow endless possibilities for improving day-to-day and long-term business processes. The flexibility of Radianse opens the door for the tracking and managing of any combination of personnel and assets with extreme precision.

Radianse identified a need in the market to support businesses trying to navigate the current environment. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of ensuring and monitoring the cleanliness of facilities to protect clients, staff, and vendors from contracting the potentially deadly disease. The company has built their technology with the understanding that when businesses have detailed control of the interactions and movements taking place within their walls, they can move forward effectively and respond to problems efficiently. This understanding has become increasingly important to Radianse given the new normal faced in the COVID-19 era. Radianse quickly pivoted their software efforts to showcase the flexibility of their solutions to meet these challenges for some of the most affected businesses including restaurants, bars, gyms, fitness centers and health clubs.

Radianse’s automated task scheduling allows employees to meet the cleaning requirements of a facility, while detailed reporting and history provides a clear view into the running of operations. In addition to scheduling, they have capabilities that provide easy security management with quick, reliable, real-time rounds monitoring. Radianse’s innovative technology will help identify any issues taking place within an operation, so businesses can respond as quickly as possible.

“As the global pandemic continues to evolve, we knew we had to pivot our efforts and develop a way to support businesses that are continuing to navigate so many unknowns. Our goal is to deliver innovative, technology-based applications that allow our customers to manage their resources, control costs, increase revenue opportunities and improve overall operational efficiency,” says Chief Executive Officer Angela Blaisdell. “It was important for us to develop a solution that alleviates stress while helping to keep employees and customers safe. With our patented software, businesses can monitor, manage and optimize data for a complete view.”

Radianse provides a proactive approach to a business’s needs by automating process flows with convenience and accuracy. For businesses in the fitness industry, Radianse is able to offer full real-time monitoring of facility cleaning using active RFID or non-RFID solutions. The system is deployed using a business’s actual floor plan to ensure accuracy. Sections of the business are color-coded as their cleaning status changes, and the employee performing the cleaning is also monitored. The system also tracks cleaning tools such as TASKI, mops, and vacuums, as well as providing alerts for paper towel, toilet paper, and trash levels. Additionally, temperature and humidity can be displayed from multiple locations in the facility and texts can be generated when normal settings go out of range. By utilizing this software, managers and owners can maximize their efficiency and find bottlenecks with tailored observational checklists and automated real-time status updates.

The software supports businesses through the following:

  • Real-time monitoring of staff tasks and schedules
  • Schedule or needs-based notifications
  • Status history on tagged equipment
  • Easy-to-use search engine to find any tagged asset
  • Historical data analysis reports
  • List or map view of tagged items in facility, color coded based on area
  • Member counts of real-time facility occupancy
  • Member amenities self-sign-up via in-club kiosk or website

About Radianse Task Scheduling Application:

Radianse Task Scheduling Application simplifies task scheduling and allows employees to meet the cleaning requirements of a facility, while detailed reporting and history provides a clear view into the running of operations. The application allows companies to keep up with their to-do lists and meet cleaning compliance standards. The application was designed to break down work tasks into manageable schedules with convenient and streamlined features.