June 14, 2012 – Radianse Real Time Location Technology Improves Asset Utilization

Radianse, the pioneer and leading provider of healthcare Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), today announced that clients employing our active-RFID technology are able to increase the utilization of their current assets by as much as 25%, which directly helps lower capital expenditures and drive immediate Return-on-Investment (ROI) cost savings.

Healthcare equipment availability is an ongoing real-world issue in many hospitals today, which often has a negative impact on quality-of-care standards.  Having the right medical equipment in the right place, at the right time, is critical to a patient’s care and safety.  Many hospitals implement a common practice of overbuying specialized equipment and high volume medical devices, so that they are readily available and widely dispersed throughout the organization.

Capital equipment budgets are often strained by ongoing requests to increase quantities of hard to locate assets, equipment that is easily lost or stolen and items that are out of service due to slow preventative maintenance asset retrieval processes.

An RTLS-based asset management solution significantly helps an organization optimize their current investment in high-value medical equipment by using active RFID technology to electronically track assets throughout the entire healthcare environment.  A user-friendly web-based dashboard brings a new level of visibility to staff members that are responsible for locating equipment.  An asset’s precise location is obtained with just a few clicks of a mouse, as well as information on where the item has been and for how long.  Intelligent decisions can be made regarding equipment allocation and placement to increase an asset’s utilization, thus enhancing overall equipment and departmental efficiencies.

Increasing asset utilization is very important to our customer base“, said Angela Blaisdell, President of Radianse.  “With Radianse‘s dynamic and intuitive real time location solution, we have been able to help many of our healthcare clients achieve increased utilization rates that were not attainable before implementing our automated technology.”

A few of the benefits realized when implementing an RTLS-based asset management solution include:

  • Being able to quickly locate any tagged asset using a PC, tablet or PDA device
  • Measuring an assets current utilization, helping to maximize unused capacity
  • Ensure equipment is efficiently relocated and staged in areas where it is needed most
  • Continuously manage par-level inventory and ensure room readiness
  • Decrease time out-of-service during preventative maintenance and recall management
  • Eliminate lost and stolen assets, as well as eliminate potential asset hoarding by staff

Radianse‘s real time location solution helps healthcare organizations track, monitor and manage critical high-value assets.  With our proactive set of location-based tools, organizations are able to quickly increase asset utilization.  Being able to instantly locate an asset is an attractive feature, but the real value is when RTLS is used to drive higher utilization and availability through process awareness, usage improvement and analysis of use metrics.

Automatic trigger thresholds and alert conditions can be set to monitor underutilized asset scenarios, as well as many other specialized user-defined conditions to help maximize utilization requirements.  This active feedback capability is an important component to ensure hospitals get the most out of their current investments.

Once our clients begin measuring asset utilization, they quickly realize that many of their items were in-use less than 50% of the time“, said Blaisdell.  “Using our RTLS solution to understand how and when an asset is used (creating a baseline) is the first step in driving higher utilization potential.  A great cost savings example we often see is with the use of IV Pumps.  If you can reduce the number of pumps leased, rented or purchased every year by ensuring the devices you currently own are used more frequently, then hard cost savings are quickly realized.”

About Radianse
Radianse is an industry leader in delivering Intelligent RTLS Information Solutions for healthcare that actively utilizes real time application data to automatically drive critical business processes.  Our solutions enable customers to achieve desired strategic outcomes, such as enhancing business processes and workflow, reducing operational costs, and providing enhanced revenue generating opportunities.  Based on advanced hardware and software designs, highly accurate active RFID technology and a comprehensive suite of empowering management applications, our innovative and intelligent Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) provide a comprehensive solution that allows businesses to excel.