March 27, 2012 – Radianse Enhances Process Improvement Initiatives Using RTLS Technology

Radianse, the pioneer and leading provider of healthcare Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), today announced a new RTLS-based Process Management solution engineered specifically for healthcare environments.  The solution delivers important visibility which will directly help enhance patient throughput, optimize staff efficiency and improve patient care.  The comprehensive solution provides a means for automatic and continuous data collection and verification, two critical elements of any process improvement initiative.

The Radianse Process Management solution gathers location and status data from all tagged assets, patients and staff members using active radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.  The information collected becomes valuable data to help understand each tagged item’s activity, patterns, movement, intervals and relational proximity.  The data is analyzed by special algorithms and a complex business rules engine to drive process improvement metrics.

Some examples of processes that may be targeted with this solution are:

  • Emergency Department incoming patient triage
  • Patient admission and discharge
  • Patient flow related to X-rays, CT Scans, MRI Scans and medical lab tests
  • Perioperative on-time starts
  • Equipment sterilization cleaning
  • Patient-doctor interactions

“Our business Process Management solution delivers a systematic approach in helping to achieve effective workflow efficiency and assists hospitals in adapting to ever-changing healthcare demands“, said Angela Blaisdell, President of Radianse.  “Incorporating RTLS technology to improve business practices, workflow and efficiency has been positively embraced by our customers, as the system provides information that is critical to helping achieve their desired outcomes.”

A few of the benefits realized by implementing Radianse‘s Process Management solution include:

  • Precise location reported and recorded for every tagged asset
  • Continuously tracks movement history for actual path determination
  • Measures length of time at every functional stage in a process
  • Understand asset interactions and associations
  • Reliable historical data available for detailed analysis and trending
  • Enhanced visibility of true asset activity and utilization
  • Data is captured electronically, eliminating possible human error

Collecting reliable data is crucial to any active process improvement program.  Measuring and collecting data is the core element that will be used to determine how a process is performing, if improvements are being achieved and if milestones are obtained.  Capturing valuable data is the key driver to achieving results.  As important, is being able to readily view a meaningful informational dashboard that displays real time metrics and statistical information to monitor live status and on-going progress.

Engaging RTLS in any process improvement program will help to produce accurate information on a 24/7 basis.  More importantly, once the RTLS system is in place, the data is collected electronically and eliminates any human error that could potentially occur.

About Radianse
Radianse provides intelligent solutions for healthcare by automatically collecting and processing real time location data, movement history, associations and relationship information on high-value assets, including equipment, patients and staff.  Our patented algorithms and advanced software applications help optimize business processes, enhance patient throughput, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency within healthcare.  Radianse products have been installed in more than 75 hospitals.