March 29, 2013 – Radianse Announces New Real Time Locations Solutions with Integrated Wi-Fi Capabilities

Radianse, a pioneer and leading provider of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) for healthcare, today announced the exciting integration of Wi-Fi capabilities into their patented 433MHz active RFID tags and infrastructure.  This integration represents a unique opportunity for healthcare organizations to obtain the location accuracy they require for all use cases while leveraging their existing Wi-Fi infrastructure; reducing the cost of implementation without compromising on performance.

Radianse RTLS uses compact, battery powered tags for equipment, patients and staff, which transmit their location to wall mounted readers across the enterprise.  Movement history, interactions, temperature, and status can be viewed and analyzed on Radianse’s web-based skyViewTM management software; helping to increase patient satisfaction and safety, reduce operating costs and increase revenue generating opportunities.

Despite the numerous benefits, healthcare organizations often struggle with the initial investment required to install a highly accurate solution that meets all of their performance needs.  Radianse’s new, affordable combined platform makes it easy to plan an RTLS implementation based on available budget that can be scaled to accommodate more advanced functionality as needed.  Facilities can customize their installation to use their existing Wi-Fi network to cover basic asset tracking and combine RFID, Infrared and Wi-Fi technology where use cases, like clinical patient flow and hand hygiene compliance, necessitate a high level of location accuracy.

Integration of Wi-Fi functionality has enabled Radianse to introduce even more products and value to their customers, including a tag-free mobile device tracking solution that transmits the location of a laptop or smart phone using only a software application and the Wi-Fi network.

From the beginning, we have provided our customers with the highest standard of quality, accuracy and usability in our products and we are dedicated to being on the forefront of RTLS innovation.” said Angela Blaisdell, President of Radianse.  “We are excited to expand our offerings to include this Wi-Fi integration and offer a flexible platform that will enable more healthcare organizations to benefit from real time location tracking.”

About Radianse
Radianse is an industry leader in delivering affordable Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) Solutions for healthcare. Radianse‘s active RFID technology and comprehensive suite of management applications enable customers to use real time information to optimize their workflow and processes; improving patient satisfaction and safety, reducing operational costs, and increasing revenue generating opportunities.