Planet Fitness Technology Showcase: Showing What We’ve Got!

New Orleans 2
Bob Duggan, CTO (left) and Joel Dunham (right) working the Technology Showcase

It was the middle of October and the air was just starting to carry a brisk chill;  perfect time to escape snow-threatened New Hampshire for warm New Orleans.  Myself and three of my coworkers boarded a plane and headed down to represent Radianse in the Technology Showcase at the 2015 Planet Fitness Franchise Conference.

After a day and a half of setting up the demo (which mostly consisted of Director of Sales, Chris Allen, and myself walking around trying to be even slightly helpful while genius-techie, Joel Dunham, and CTO, Bob Duggan, put their big brains to good use and did the REAL set up), it was time to show our stuff.

Slowly but surely people began filing in, their interest initally piqued by the new massage chairs or high-tech vending machines; after all, there’s not much exciting about the sight of RFID readers and tags.  But once we checked visitors in with both passive and active tags to replicate a real club and they saw on the monitors what exactly we do, the word started spreading.

New Orleans 4
Bourbon Street

Soon we were swamped;  our mouths barely stopped talking long enough to take a breath.  Everyone was coming to witness the “staff trackers someone told me I had to see” and were all thrilled with the technology that went far beyond that.  They loved the self-scheduling kiosk and their names popping up on the screen when they approached, being able to start the tanning and massage beds from the computer, know the amount of people in the club, where their staff was (or wasn’t).  It seemed like every problem they had, we have a solution for.  There was rarely a face I saw leave that room whose eyebrows hadn’t shot up at least once, impressed, and the light of an idea spark behind their eyes as they saw the true value of what we have to offer.  “How much does it cost and when can I get it?” was asked  frequently as franchise owners were handing back their tags on the way out.

I think all four of us who traveled down to New Orleans couldn’t argue the trip was worth it (and not just for the amazing food).  It’s easy for us to see how great our system is, but it’s not always so simple for others.  The huge amount of positive feedback, email addresses and phone numbers given to us really hit home in assuring, “Yes, what we do is worth something.  What we do is a real fix for a real problem.  What we do… ROCKS!”

To learn more in depth how Radianse can truly help your fitness facility, reach out to our Senior Sales Executive, Stephen Payne,  by email or phone (877) 681-1699.  We’d love to hear from you!