Product Overview

The Radianse SolutionPicture1

Effortless, flexible, and automatic

The Radianse platform is a complete system designed to automatically integrate various sources of data into real-time actionable intelligence.  Comprised of data sources such as ID-Tags and Receivers, an Application Server, and the innovative Radianse Awareness Suite of web based software applications, the Radianse System is the total package.  The advanced method provides a powerful solution to tell you the who, what, when, and where on any item from a basic resource to human assets so that you can answer the why.

Each step of the Radianse System communicates automatically and immediately with the next, meaning you’ll have the most accurate information possible.  See and manage this data as it is happening, live.  Software applications continuously analyze the collected information and cue intelligent solutions to deliver a whole new level of visibility.  These tools help optimize business processes, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.

How it works

With a variety of input sources, it is now possible to actively manage almost any asset in your facility.  Durable, water-proof tags can be used on items that experience regular wear-and-tear, while tagged badges can be worn by staff.  Sleek bracelet tags for guests and personnel, and other tag types for anything in between.  Both active and passive tracking are available and each holds significant value.  Active data sources can identify an item’s exact location and situation, while passive can be used for collecting numerical statistics.  With a wide variety of data sources, solutions for specific business needs can be addressed when this context information is interpreted by out software.  

Amazingly innovative, the Radianse Awareness Suite allows users to see an entire host of information that is both extensive and customizable.  The Radianse Awareness Suite allows you to search for specific personnel and assets, implement staff schedules, create alerts, and more.

software_flowReal-time intelligence value

The Radianse System provides long-lasting solutions for business operations in almost any industry.  Knowing the specific details of how your business runs in regards to staff, clients, and assets allows you to identify issues with efficiency and implement any operational changes necessary.  Having access to a variety of real-time data also enables you to find personnel and resources faster than ever, saving your business both time and money.  The information collected by the Radianse System is stored for retrospective analysis.  Export the data to other applications and use this information to plan any future operational adjustments.

Radianse Smart Sense can be programmed to recognize a variety of conditions that consider identity, time, location and context.  These include but are not limited to:

  • A person or asset leaves or enters a room or area
  • Defined combinations of assets and/or personnel coming together in a specified location for a defined period of timebusiness_intel
  • A button push on a Radianse tag on an asset and/or person can be programmed to initiate company-defined actions

Transferable to any industry

Smart Sense is as simple as “If A, then B” and has unlimited potential in many industries.

  • In a hospital, a procedure room that knows the wrong patient is in the wrong place
  • In a correctional facility, a monitoring system that knows when members from opposing affiliations come in close proximity
  • In a fitness center, a locker room that knows how many members have walked through the door and alerts staff that it needs to be cleaned

The Radianse System is extremely customizable, allowing you to tailor it to meet your specific business needs.  Any combination of personnel and assets can be tracked and managed with extreme precision.  Unique alerts can be programmed to notify you of any specified activity.  Information can be accessed with the Radianse Awareness Suite through any computer, smartphone, or other web-enabled device.  The possibilities are endless with a Radianse System for improving both day-to-day and long-term business processes.