March 1, 2019 – Radianse releases new “Location Fusion” capabilities to their SkyViewCloud product

Dover, NH — Today, Radianse announces the addition of new hardware and software capabilities codenamed “Global Reach” to their SkyViewCloud platform. The new capabilities use a fusion of different locating technologies for enhanced location precision that bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor real-time location.
“Today we are excited to release new location capabilities that bridge the traditional indoor vs outdoor location divide.” said Bob Duggan, Radianse CTO.  “Real time location traditionally has been split between the environments with different technologies excelling in one or the other. By fusing the best parts of multiple technologies we can now seamlessly travel the globe from room to room, building to building, country to country.”

About Radianse
Radianse is the leader in providing intelligent solutions that automatically integrate an ever expanding list of data sources into real-time actionable intelligence.  Radianse is able to assist today’s dynamically changing industries in areas ranging from location awareness, patient satisfaction, inmate rehabilitation, safety, customer service, to green initiatives in the fitness industry.