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Radianse gives you the ability to connect your physical and digital environments.

With our patented software, you can monitor, manage, and optimize data for a complete view of your business.


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Radianse has a global patent portfolio with over 38 patents across the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong. Our technology connects your physical infrastructure to your digital systems. With cloud-based services, organizations can manage their assets and analyze the data provided securely. It is rooted in our deep understanding of networks, connectivity, and signaling. The Radianse solution enables real-time visibility into the data provided for an unparalleled view of your company.

Improving Business Outcomes

Unlimited Potential:

If it emits a signal, Radianse can help you manage it.

Interoperability with Other Technology:

Radianse ensures there are no concerns about interference from other signaling technology devices in your organization.


Easy Deployment:

Our solutions work with your existing environment to ensure you can scale effortlessly.

Advanced Technologies:

Our technologies utilize advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence for a solution that fits your needs today and into the future.

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Vice President of Medical Affairs Major U.S. Hospital
"We faced capacity constraints in the operating room that we were able to address by improving the efficiency of patient flow. This is primarily a sophisticated communication tool for our staff, allowing them to see what's going on at a glance, anticipate needs, and eliminate surprises. Its effectiveness depends on a very robust real-time location system that has the granularity — the precise location pinpointing ability, that we need to accomplish our goals."

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See how adding sensors to physical equipment connects hospital operations from the core to the edge.

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One of the largest fitness centers in the U.S. improves its operations and adherence to regulation with Radianse solutions

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Learn how institutions can boost productivity and reduce costs by adding digital capabilities to their facilities.

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Senior living facilities can improve resident services, increase staff efficiency, and cut costs by adding digital intelligence.

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Transforming your operations with IoT and digitization can create valuable opportunities to improve operations and enhance your customers' experience. Business IoT provides a real difference for companies and users with the installation of smart sensors, artificial intelligence, and connecting physical assets into digital systems.

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