Streamlining the Fitness Amenity Booking Process

Streamlining the Fitness Amenity Booking Process with Our Contactless Software

Here at Radianse, we create forward-thinking technology tools that align with modern business needs. Take our Touchless Amenity Scheduler software, for example. In just minutes, members at gyms and fitness studios can book time on their favorite amenities. Say goodbye to the traditional sign-up sheet – a new, safer way to enjoy amenities is here.


Contact-free Convenience for Gyms and Studios

We specially designed our Touchless Amenity Scheduler software with today’s gym owner in mind. Time-saving details like geo-tracking capabilities to show nearby locations and drive times are built-in, enhancing your member experience and ensuring a smooth sign-up process from start to finish. After registering via Member ID, gym goers are only a few taps away from booking their favorite amenities.


The Safer Way to Schedule

As COVID-19 continues to be a concern for gyms nationwide, helping you keep your members and staff safe remains one of our top priorities. The Touchless Amenity Scheduler software provides a remote way to sign up and reduces the potential for any crowding or lines forming at sign-up areas. Users have the ability to view amenities by club location, accept any applicable waivers and choose their preferred time, all within an intuitive interface that’s easy to use.

Our touch-free software is one more way you can give members peace of mind, while also offering the convenience of on-the-go scheduling. Check out this real-time example of the login and registration interface for one of our clients, and when you’re ready to learn more about how we can help you make your gym safer, reach out to our Touchless Amenity Scheduler software team to get started.