Walking Through 4 Data Management Essentials

IoT data management: the must-have operational tool that practically no one is talking about. As organizations take on more and more data, identifying leaner ways to house big data (not to mention, better security of it) can’t be skipped. In the best-case scenarios, data management strategies effectively plan for scale, security and, of course, integration.

So, if your data management plan doesn’t include these four essentials, it might call for another look.

An enhanced storage infrastructure

The best time to prepare for the future is right now. As your organization grows, so will the amount of data analytics and other inflows that need digital support. Keep top performance by making sure your infrastructure can handle a seamless increase in the event that you need to account for an influx of data generated by the Internet of Things.

Don’t get caught struggling against bandwidth-straining storage constraints and costs when the time comes. There are multiple ways to solve for this, from cloud to data science centers to hybrid models, but having the foresight to plan for these potential barriers can save you a headache later.

Metadata management

Quite literally “data about data,” metadata is how you extract business intelligence from the scores of data at your fingertips – so it’s crucial to getting significant RoI out of your solution. By staying on top of the way you measure these invaluable insights, you can develop a streamlined method for understanding, collecting, classifying and sorting your data.

Taking good care of your information leads to better data analytics, which in turn, serves your business by enabling you to make easier, better decisions. With a strong approach to metadata management, you can simplify tasks that might otherwise be considered complex, like product development or organization-wide communication.

Transparent processes

Speaking of streamlining the way you do business, adapting a transparent approach to everything – including your processes – is an important step of data management. To put it simply, you can get even more out of your data when you have the greatest visibility into it. By making every part of your management methods traceable and accountable, you’ll have what you need to pivot as necessary or adapt to changing markets.

The result is being able to move quickly, whether you’re onboarding a new product or expanding rapidly.

Secure integration strategy

At the core of any IoT strategy is the idea of interconnectivity. When your devices are reliably communicating with one another, you stand to unlock the biggest benefits. That’s why integrating all of your sources of data is so crucial to a successful strategy – but it’s not just about connecting products within an IoT setting. It’s about taking the necessary security precautions to support your entire IoT network in a way that can be managed, scaled and implemented whenever you’re ready.

Here at Radianse, we’re well-prepared to help you with any stage of data management. Get your solution up and running, enhance an existing structure, or maintain your current data collection efforts. With our easy-to-use platform, companies of any size can use the power of IoT data management to their advantage.















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